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  • Are all our products eco-friendly?
    Yes! all our products are either upcycled or recycled.
  • Are the products hygienic?
    Yes! The textiles are sanitised at 200 degrees Celcius pre-production.
  • What is the difference between Upcycling and Recycling?
    Recycling involves the destruction of waste in order to create something new, whereas upcycling takes waste and creates something new from it in its current state. Upcycling reduces the need for recycling and is therefore a great option for the environment. Once a material can no longer serve any purpose, then it is eco-friendlier to recycle it than it is to send it to landfill.
  • What is the difference between fast fashion and slow fashion/sustainable fashion?
    Fast fashion denotes lower-quality, low-priced, mass-produced and machine-made garments that quickly end up in landfills. Slow fashion garments in contrast are eco-friendly, use artistic talent, and have better quality. Sustainable fashion is concerned with use of fibres from organic, recycled, repurposed and upcycled materials.
  • Why should you buy upcycled/recycled products over regular products?
    Upcycling/Recycling reduces waste in landfills, conserves our planets precious resources and both activities reduce the need for the production of new materials, which means there will be less pollution and carbon emissions produced by manufacturers. Recycling and reuse create at least 9 times more jobs than landfills and incinerators, and as many as 30 times more jobs overall. Additionally, we at, I AM SO WASTED, use non-toxic dyes and are Global Recycle Standard Certified.
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